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Presented by Healthier Urban Families program, created by Beverly Weathington, LMSW

Celebrations During Social Distancing

Bedtime Challenges
Self Care for Parents 

by Beverly Weathington, LMSW

Indoor Family Fun

by Beverly Weathington, LMSW

Routines and Schedules

by Beverly Weathington, LMSW

The 5-a-Day Parenting Program is a resource available to you through the Merrill Palmer Skillman Institute for Child and Family Development! The program focuses on building children's school readiness.  It can all be done on a Smartphone.
Here is how it works: HERE

ALL young children sometimes exhibit challenging behavior.  Some children are more challenging than others. These children might have "strong wills" and need special parenting techniques to help promote their best behavior. During times of stress and change, children are more likely to be challenging by, for instance, whining, throwing tantrums, hitting, or not listening when we need them to do something. 

YouTube Video Library - - presented by Parenting Young Children-Check-up

The following videos teach strategies that parents can use to promote their children's best behavior and reduce challenging behavior. Think of these strategies in two ways: preventing challenging behavior and responding to challenging behavior. Put as much "preventing" in place as possible before moving into "responding." Like the old saying goes, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." 

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All video content below created by Dr. Lucy McGoron
Preventing Challenging Behavior

Using Labeled Praise: 

Special Playtime:

Effective Commands:

Family Rules:


Responding to Challenging Behavior

What if my child leaves the timeout chair?

Basic Needs for Metro Detroit Families

Accessing Essentials:

Fun & Educational Online Activities for Children 

Talking to Young Children about Coronavirus and Hygiene 

Reading List for Parents