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Lifespan Resource Site for faculty, students and staff HERE
Through this site MPSI faculty, students and staff can: quest time off, maintain personal profiles, request computer and adminsitrative help, access quick links to university resouces, and more!

Find An Expert

MPSI promotes interdisciplinary collaboration among faculty, students, trainees, and fellows throughout Wayne State to address the many inter-related challenges facing today's urban children and adolescents. MPSI community partners may also be looking for experts in specific areas.  Click to find resources to connect with others.

  • WSU ResearchConnect is an expertise profiling and research networking tool that makes it easy for you to find experts and enable collaboration.  WSU ResearchConnect scans and analyzes every publication in Elsevier's Scopus, creating a semantic index, or Fingerprint™ visualization, of individual researcher's expertise and exposing connections among authors.  Information is organized by units—either departments or institutes. If you have questions about the tool consult the Research Connect User Guide
  • COS Pivot is another tool that you can use to find collaborators and experts. Enter a search term and profiles of faculty working in the area of interest will be listed.  You can also use the tool to find funding opportunities.  For more information on how to use COS Pivot click here

Research Colloquia, Workshops, and Conferences  - Calendar

Information on upcoming professional development offerings is provided for professionals and students, families, the Freer House, and parents and caregivers.

WSU Division of Research

The Division of Research facilitates and supports research activities across the campus. Funding opportunities, professional development activities, resources for interdisciplinary work, undergraduate research opportunities, guidelines for research compliance, and other useful information can be found here.

Michigan Neonatal BioTrust

The Michigan Neonatal Biobank stores and manages the Michigan Department of Community Health's archive of more than six million dried infant heel-stick blood spots as a key research resource collected over 43 years as part of Michigan's mandatory Newborn Screening Program.

MPSI Newsletter - Imprints

Imprints provides updates on recent research, educational programs, and community events conducted by the Merrill Palmer Skillman Institute.