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Imprints Newsletter explains recent research and community events conducted by the Merrill Palmer Skillman Institute.  MPSI concentrates on programs and projects to help children and families grow and thrive, particularly in an urban environment. To receive Imprints via mail, contact Cheryl Deep, Media Relations, 313-664-2607 or To join our online mailing list for Imprints and other materials, click here.

100 Years of Women, Science, Children and Community, Alumni Share Memories
Stigma and Migraines: Don't Add Blame to the Pain
Whistler Painting Installed
Remembering a "Force of Nature": Phene Vandervort (1930-2020)


Imprints Fall 2019
Newest Faculty Member Talks Trauma, Relationships, and Making Statistics Exciting
Identifying Barriers to Father Involvement
Weatherston Endowment: Scholarship Help for Students Studying Infant Mental Healt
Freer House: Home to Enduring Legacies

Imprints Sprint 2019
Testing a New Approach to Parent Education
Service Learning: Lasting Lessons from the Little Ones
Soccer Star Gets His Kicks Working at Freer House
Giant Step Teen Conference: The Recipe for Empathy & Understanding

imprints coverImprints Spring 2018
A Work Day Full of Smiling Faces
Better Classroom Experiences for African American Youth
Freer House Supporters Win Accolades
Once-in-a-Lifetime Art Exhibit


Imprints Fall 2017
New Trauma Theory Examines Cultural Betrayal
London Visitor"Delighted" by MPSI Infant Mental Health Program
Dad and Baby Time

Impact of WoodwardConsortium Model

Restoring Lives Shaped by Trauma
Toddler Study Yields Trove of Insights
Teachings from the TEDY Study
Freer House: Sharing our Home


Woodward Childcare Consortium Expands Goals
Preschool AstroTots Lift Off on Project Night 
Freer House Director Receives Historic Preservation Lifetime Achievement Award
Giant Step Unites Diverse Teens; Returns to Campus 


Imprints Fall 2015

$2.5 Million to Improve Interactions between Parents, Teachers and Toddlers
Service Learning: A Different Way to Learn
Detroit Lullaby Project: Singing to Sooth
Freer House: Documenting an Artful Life

Imprints Spring 2015
No More Tears: Happiest Research on the Block
Special Freer House Photo Section
Storytelling in the Keweenaw Bay Indian Community
Childhood Resilience

Wayne County Baby Court
Grant to Lessen Marijuana Use in Pregnancy
President Willson attends Freer House Event
Student Research Draws Large Crowd
Understanding Trauma in Parnents and Children
How Father's Matter
Child Advocate Ann Nicholson Honored
Early Childhood Center Earns High Ranking
Freer House Visitors Top 1,000
Children After Trauma
MPSI's Newest Faculty Member Studies Wars' Effects
Bringing Freer's Garden Back to Life
Kresge Foundation Supports Wayne State's Work with Detroit Preschools
Expert on High-Risk Families Joins Faculty
Explorations in Development: Reducing Infant Mortality
New Degree Program Supports Infant Well-being
WSU Helps Detroit Child Care Centers Share Best Practices
Legacy Writer Relives Preschool Days
Explaining Freer's Ceramic Collection
Curbing Drug Abuse in New Mothers
The Challanges of Teen Pregnancy
Early Childhood Center Receives Highest Accreditation
Vision of Freer House Future Comes Into Focus
Freer House Pulses with Music, Art and Drama
Treatment for Alcohol Abuse at the Tips of Your Fingers
College Begins at Preschool
Growth Doubles impact of Healthier Urban Families
Freer House National Significance
Kaufman Center Teaches Autistic Children to Speak
Detroit Early Childhood Teachers Receive Training
Teens Connect with Seniors
Understanding Teen Violence
Detroit Teachers Benefit From MPSI Expertise
Why Do Teens Take Risks?
Charles Lang Freer House
The Damage Done: Alcohol and Pregnancy
Learning How to Play
Experts Help Keep Urban Families Strong
Giant Step Unites Students From Different Walks of LIfe
MPSI's Mission Embraces Community
Romance in Adolescent Development
Freer Hourse Features National Art Experts
Pre-DocTraining Exceeds High Expectations
Teen Conference Promotes Social Harmony