Restoration Projects

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Garden Project

The courtyard garden area to a style closer to Freer's original plan. Both projects are the focus of a new and ambitious major fund-raising campaign. 

Freer House Courtyard Garden Project Brochure

To donate please contact:
Rose Foster at 313.644.2509 or or William Colburn at

Whistler Gallery

Plans are underway to restore the Whistler Gallery located above the guest house. The gallery has had major alterations beginning in the 1950s and up through the 1990s. The hope is to restore the Whistler Gallery to a space more similar to its original design that can be used as a future meeting space.
View or download Whistler Gallery Restoration Project Flyer

Timeline exhibit Installation "A House and its History" (Completed in 2012)

Set in an arched passageway leading to the rear of the home, the archival photos, captions and quotes reveal Freer House history from construction to modern day. It also includes the intertwined history of Merrill Palmer Institute.
View or download print version of Exhibit