Healthier Urban Families

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Seminars and Trainings for Families and the Professionals Who Serve Them

The Healthier Urban Families Outreach Program (HUF) understands the needs and concerns of families, particularly those in an urban environment. As a signature program of the Merrill Palmer Skillman Institute, HUF addresses issues relevant to parents, grandparents and the professionals who serve them, through community engagement and education. HUF places a strong emphasis on providing information that is meaningful and accessible to the community.

HUF Signature Community Engagement Activities

Giant Step Teen Conference

The Giant Step Teen Conference brings teenagers together from diverse backgrounds to discover the important issues they have in common. The annual conference strives to improve attitudes, open minds and embrace differences. Public, private, charter and parochial schools – even home schools – from districts across southeast Michigan sent students to Giant Step. Black, White, Asian, Arabic and Hispanic students enter as strangers and leave as friends.

Parent Trainings (WSU Calendar)

HUF provides high-quality training for parents, keeping the needs of the community at the forefront. Speakers on topics of relevance to your group are available at times and locations convenient to you. Call to schedule a low-to no-cost training for your church, community organization, PTO, or other group.