Woodward Corridor Early Childhood Care Consortium

Community Engagement  |  Professional Development

The Woodward Corridor Early Childhood Consortium was created in 2011 by Merrill Palmer Skillman Institute faculty and early childhood education faculty at Wayne State University's College of Education. The Woodward Corridor Consortium is a collaboration among the directors of early childhood centers in the Midtown, Downtown, and North End neighborhoods of Detroit and includes several engaged community partners who share the goal of enhancing the quality of early education.

Early Childhood Consortium Playbook -- A step-by-step guide to creating a neighborhood-based consortium of early childhood centers and community partners. The Playbook is informed by the experiences and lessons learned during the creation of the Woodward Corridor Consortium.  Complete with sample evaluation forms, session agendas, coaching report, brochures and website.

The Consortium works to enhance early education quality by:
  • Establishing a collaborative network of faculty, center directors and community partners 
  • Promoting professional development among teachers 
  • Enhancing parent engagement
  • Aiding implementation of "best practices" in early childhood education
  • Facilitating access to resources centers 

Early Childhood Consortium website