Board of Visitors

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The Board of Visitors serves as Merrill Palmer Skillman Institute's chief volunteer group of supporters and ambassadors. These select volunteers guide, oversee and assist MPSI in carrying out its mission and vision for the future.  Members provide moral and financial support and help to enlist the support of others.

Debra Dworkin Partrich (2010), Chair – Detroit Symphony Orchestra Volunteer Council, Young Women's Home Association Member, Wayne State Theatres - The Understudies
Carolyn Barth, PhD (2017) –  Detroit Institute of Ophthalmology World Congress
Marlene Bihlmeyer (6/14) –  Detroit Symphony Orchestra Volunteer Council
George P. Butler, III (2011) –  Partner, Dickinson Wright Law Firm
Carol Edwards (2018) –  Oakland County Schools (retired)
Marianne Endicott (1997) – Community Volunteer, Young Woman's Home Association Trustee
Sharon Gioia (2004) –  Founder, Polite America 
Phebe Goldstein (1996) –  Freer House Board Chair
Frannie Greenebaum (2014–  Director of Development, Birmingham Community House (retired)
Nancy Kaufman, MA, CC-SLP (2010) –  Director, Kaufman Children's Center
Mary Lafter (2010) – Early Childhood Educator, Merrill Palmer Institute Alumna
Teresa Lloyd (2010) – Owner, Grosse Pointe College Consulting
Seymour Nayer (2012) – Partner, Plunkett Cooney Law Firm
Ann Nicholson (1999) – Trustee, The Japhet School
Dianne Bostic Robinson, LMSW (2009) – President, Dianne Bostic Robinson & Associates
Maureen Saxton (2017) – VP, VanDyke Horn Public Relations, Detroit
Nancy Swords (2017) – Deputy Director, Cranbrook Institute of Science

Merrill Palmer Skillman Institute Representatives

Peter Lichtenberg, PhD –  Director
Steve Ondersma, PhD – Deputy Director
Cheryl Deep, MA – Media Relations and Publications Manager
Rose Foster – Administrative Liaison

Ad Hoc Member
Julianne M. Bjarnesen –  Assistant Director, Corporate and Foundation Relations, Wayne State University