National Steering Committee

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Laura D. Pittman, PhD (Chair)
Associate Professor of Psychology, Northern Illinois University

Michael Foley, MSW
Executive Director, Michigan Children's Trust Fund

Iheoma Iruka, PhD
Chief Research Innovation Officer
Director, Center for Early Education Evaluation, HighScope Educational Research Foundation

Gary W. Ladd, EdD
Editor, Merrill Palmer Quarterly
School of Social and Family Dynamics, Department of Psychology, Arizona State University

Marva Lewis, PhD
Associate Professor, School of Social Work, Tulane University

Michael Patterson
Child Welfare Director, Macomb County, Department of Health and Human Services

Susan Spieker, PhD
Professor of Family and Child Nursing, Research Affiliate, Center on Human Development and Disability

Deborah A. Willis, MSW, PhD
Assistant Professor, Eastern Michigan University

Marc A. Zimmerman, PhD
Chair, Health Behavior & Health Education, Center for Human Growth and Development, University of Michigan