IMH Research Projects

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Our Faculty conduct research that is related to supporting the social-emotional health and developmental needs of families and young children. This work strengthens the IMH Dual-Title Coursework and benefits the Metro-Detroit community through faculty engagement.

To learn more about our faculty members' research and evaluation projects, please visit their lab websites.

Dr. Ann Stacks'  Early Relationships Laboratory works to understand the ways in which caregiver's interactions and reflective functioning support young children's mental health, especially in the context of family risk and the effectiveness of interventions with families and young children.

Dr. Dayton's  Early Relationships Research Program studies emotion regulation processes in parenting and early childhood development, the influence of psychosocial risk on early parenting, and biological and psychosocial processes in early fathering.

Dr. Beegly's  Infant and Child Development Laboratory conducts research on the impact of risk and resilience factors on children's communicative, cognitive, and socio-emotional outcomes, and how individual differences in parenting and parent-child social interactive processes may alter these interactions.