Marjorie Beeghly

Marjorie Beeghly

Marjorie Beeghly


Dr. Beeghly is Professor in Psychology and Chair of its Developmental Science area.  She also is Affiliate Faculty at the Merrill Palmer Skillman Institute, where she serves as Core Faculty in its Infant Mental Health Dual Title Program and is a member of its Advisory Board. She also is affiliated with the Brazelton Touchpoints Center at Boston Children's Hospital.

Dr. Beeghly received the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Teaching Award at Wayne State University in 2016, with a special commendation for mentoring undergraduate students. Her research focuses on the impact of risk and resilience factors on children's communicative, cognitive, and socio-emotional outcomes, and how individual differences in parenting and parent-child social emotional interactive processes may alter these associations. In two NICHD-funded longitudinal projects, she is studying how parent-child joint attention and mutual regulatory processes may foster or derail children's positive developmental outcomes in different at-risk groups. Other current interests include the effects of risk factors such as maternal trauma history,  maternal psychopathology, preterm birth, or prenatal substance exposure on mother-child social interaction and children's developmental and behavioral outcomes. She especially is interested in identifying specific familial and cultural resilience factors that may mediate these associations.

Office Location

5057 Woodward Avenue, room 8306.3

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(313) 577-4061

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