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Online Training to Improve Outcomes for Maltreated Infants Awarded $500,000 Grant (9-3-20)


Midwives and Nurse-Midwives Underestimate Impact of Alcohol on Pregnancy (7-29-19)

Physicians' Pregnancy Questionnaires May Not Accurately Identify Substance Abuse (6-20-19)


New Memory Study First to Use Intracranial Recordings (12-19-18)


MPSI Partners with United Way on Detroit Conference (10-5-17)

Researcher Stella Resko Teams to Study Michigan's Response to Opioid Crisis (7-26-17)

MPSI's John Hannigan Wins Rosett Award for Lifetime Achievement on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (6-26-17)

MPSI Researcher Lucy McGoron Creates On-Line Parent Training App (6-27-17)


Neurocognitive Researcher Thomason Awarded $2.3 million (8-2-16)

Researcher Ofen Wins $1.9 M to Study Memory Networks in Children with Epilepsy (7-14-16)


Lullaby Project Tests if Singing Soothes Infants, Parents (12-7-15)

$2.5 M to Improve Bonding of Head Start Teachers, Parents, Toddlers (11-20-15)

Prenatal Exposures Improves Smell of Alcohol (1-28-15)


From Stranger to Friend at Giant Step Teen Conference (10-31-14)

MPSI Helps Student Leadership Win Award (8-26-14)

Can Mindfulness Reduce Depression in Pregnancy (8-18-14)

Michigan Lt. Gov. Consults with MPSI (7-25-14)

Baby on Board Study Examines Early Parenting (4-24-14)

Noa Ofen Named Fellow at Kavli Frontiers of Science (4-4-14)


Giant Step Teen Conference Build Bridges Toward Friendship (11-11-13)


Teen Conference Turns Strangers into Friends (10-19-12)


$1.7 M Grant to Decrease Drug Use in Pregnancy (11-1-11)

Lowering Alcohol Use in Pregnancy (10-26-11)

Giant Step Promotes Harmony in Teens Who Seem Different (10-19-11)

Early Childhood Center Earns Top Accreditation (10-18-11)


The Effects of Legal Action on Pregnant Women Using Drugs and Alcohol (3-22-10)