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The mission of the Freer House membership organization is to preserve and restore the Charles L. Freer House, and to raise awareness of Freer’s legacy in American art and architecture, as well as his unique role in the cultural history of Detroit. Vibrant communities preserve their historic structures and celebrate their stories. By joining the Freer House, you will both enjoy benefits of membership and help protect one of Detroit’s most important architectural treasures.

  • Membership includes complimentary or reduced admission to the Freer lectures and events.
  • Please fill out the registration below and mail in with a check payable to The Freer House/WSU.
  • For payment by credit card please contact Rose Foster at 313-664-2500.

Make check payable to The Freer House, WSU and mail to:
The Freer House, WSU
71 East Ferry, Detroit, MI 48202

$10 (student) _____   $35 (Individual) ____   $45 (companion, 2 adults)  ____   $100 (Donor)  ____   $250 (Patron) ____
I don't wish to become a member but here is my contribution $ ________.

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Companion name ($45 and above): _________________________________________________________

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Phone ___________________________________ EMAIL  ______________________________________

For more information, please call or email Rose Foster at (313) 664-2500  or