Biobehavioral Risks

Research Focus

  • Child Maltreatment
  • Prenatal Drug Exposure
  • Prematurity and Perinatal Trauma
  • Paternal Factors


Michigan Opioid State Targeted Response and Evaluation  Stella Resko, PI. Three one-year grants from the Michigan Department of Health & Human Services, totaling, $1.5 million, to assist with Michigan's federally funded response to the opioid crisis and evaluate the effectiveness of interventions.

The Interpersonal Dynamics of Violence Exposure and Adolescents' Autonomic Regulation  Valerie Simon, PI. A two-year grant of $179,215 from the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development.

Impact of Violence on Teen Risk Behaviors.  Stella Resko leads research studying how domestic violence, dating violence and youth community violence exposure affect substance abuse treatment and prevention in adolescents, as well as sexual risk-taking behaviors among adolescents and adult women.

Wayne County Baby Court: Ann Stacks is the University Partner and Program Evaluator for this project that was initially funded by the Centers for Disease Control and now funded by the Flinn Foundation.  Baby Court is a systems integration approach to child welfare where parent-infant dyads receive services from a collaborative team informed by the science of child development.

Developmental Impact of Prematurity.  Sarah Raz's leads a research project assesses the effects of adverse events occurring during pregnancy and delivery on cognitive, behavioral and neuropsychological outcome of the newborn.  Researching the impact of birth asphyxia, intrauterine growth retardation, neonatal respiratory distress, and other early insults on long-term outcomes provides knowledge about brain vulnerability and resilience during early developmental periods.