Hilary Marusak

Research Support/Funding

 American Cancer Society and Michigan Cancer Research Fund Postdoctoral Research Fellowship, 2016-2019


Dr. Marusak received her PhD in Translational Neuroscience in 2016. Her primary research interests are in identifying the effects of early adversity (e.g., abuse, violence exposure, medical trauma) on brain and behavioral development in children and adolescents. Her long term goal is to develop interventions capable of reducing psychiatric symptoms and improving quality of life for young people affected by early stress and/or mental health problems. 


B.A. in Biology and Psychology, 2011, Kalamazoo College 

Ph.D. in Translational Neuroscience, 2016, Wayne State University School of Medicine 

Office Location

Tolan Park Medical Building
3901 Chrysler Service Drive
Suite 2B, Room 259
Detroit, MI 48201

Office Phone


Areas of Expertise

 Neuroimaging, Developmental Neuroscience, Child Psychiatry, Affective Science

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