William Colburn

William Colburn

Director, WSU Freer House


William Colburn


William Colburn is the Director of the Freer House. Built by industrialist and art collector, Charles Lang Freer, in 1892, the Freer House is a masterpiece of American shingle-style architecture and the birthplace of the Freer Gallery of Art (NMAA, Smithsonian) in Washington D.C.

The Freer House is also recognized for its role in child and family development. In 1920, the Freer House became the home of the Merrill-Palmer Institute, which evolved into the renowned Merrill Palmer Skillman Institute (MPSI). Today, the Freer House is the location for MPSI's faculty offices and meeting room facilities.

Office Phone

(313) 664-2500

Honors and Awards

 Michigan Historic Preservation Network’s (MHPN) 2016 Lifetime Achievement award

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