Thomas Jankowski

Thomas Jankowski

Thomas Jankowski


In his role as Associate Director for Research of MPSI, Dr. Jankowski is responsible for the planning and oversight of the MPSI's computer resources, including servers, workstations, networks, research software, digital audio/visual equipment, and the MPSI's websites and Internet facilities.

He works with his faculty colleagues to enhance awareness of opportunities for extramural research funding, to enable and assist in their pursuit of that funding, and to help build research collaborations with other researchers across the University and around the world. He works with faculty, postdoctoral fellows, and predoctoral trainees as a consultant and advisor in the areas of survey research, research methodology, statistical analysis, data management, and academic computing. He also works with the MPSI's administrative staff to assist in the automation and streamlining of grant application processes, post-award grant and personnel management, and business processes and systems.

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Office Location

87 East Ferry, Detroit, MI 48202

Office Phone

(313) 664-2603

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