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Cheryl Deep

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Office Location
87 East Ferry, Detroit, MI 48202
Office Phone
(313) 664-2607

Media Relations & Publications Manager

Assistant Conference Coordinator, Giant Step Teen Diversity Conference: "Inclusion, Harmony, Acceptance"


Bachelor of Science, Journalism, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL

Masters of Fine Arts, Writing, Washington University, St. Louis, MO

Job Description

    Media Relations & Communications

Institute of Gerontology (IOG)
Merrill Palmer Skillman Institute for Child & Family Development (MPSI)
I.  Communications

            A.    Write and edit IOG and MPSI  Biannual Reports

           B.  Writing and editing with deadline and budget adherence for: 

                    1.   IOG Transitions Newsletter (two per year)

                    2.   Newly launched Imprints Newsletter for MPSI (two per year)

                    3. Assist with writing/editing of Healthier Black Elders Newsletter (two per year)

             C.  General writing, editing and proofing of IOG and MPSI marketing and development materials     

II. Fund-Raising and Development
A.    Write grant proposals for MPSI and the Early Childhood Centers
B.    Liaison with IOG and MPSI BOV members;  assist in planning alumni events
C.    Create marketing materials
D.   Write IOG and MPSI annual appeal letters
III. Media Relations and Public Awareness
A. Contact print and broadcast media to increase awareness of IOG and MPSI
B. Write and distribute press releases and human interest stories on IOG and MPSI faculty, alumni and donors
            C. Field and follow-through on media requests, including broadcast appearances
D. Garner publicity for HBE, Art of Aging and Giant Step Teen Conference annual public events
            E. Post publicity on IOG and MPSI websites
IV. Conference Planning and Organization
A. Major responsibility for MPSI Giant Step Teen Conference and separate Community Luncheon
                    1. Executive committee member
                    2. Steering Committee member
                    3. Appeal letters and fund-raising
                    4. Research tabulation
                    5. Media coverage
B. Assist as needed in any aspect of event planning and execution for IOG Art of Aging Successfully, Healthier Black Elders Health Reception, and Issues in Aging