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Lisa Ficker

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71 East Ferry, Detroit MI 48202
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(313) 664-2530

Lisa J. Ficker, PhD is a clinical psychologist with interests in developmental lifespan issues and a long-standing interest and background in substance abuse prevention.  Her background as the lead interventionist and motivational interviewer at the CDC-funded Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Prevention Project at the Detroit Department of Health and Wellness Promotion informs her current work.  She has found that substance abuse problems are not simple but part of a multi-faceted problem that encompasses cultural norms, interpersonal and relational pressures (e.g., family and peer relationships/norms), psychological motivations (e.g., self-medicating), and genetic vulnerability.  She is the lead investigator in a program evaluation of Student Leadership Services (SLS) which has received funding from SAMHSA's Service to Science Innovative Program Evaluation.  This initial evaluation lead to SLS receiving the National Exemplary Award for Innovative Substance Abuse Prevention Program from the National Association of State Alcohol and Drug Abuse Directors in 2014.  She is currently leading a second phase of program evaluation in high schools across the state of Michigan to more precisely measure the effectiveness of SLS to prevent substance abuse problems in adolescents.

Areas of Expertise

 Motivational Interviewing

Substance Abuse Prevention

Courses Taught

 Lifespan Developmental Psychology

Drugs, Behavior and Society

Abnormal Psychology

Health Psychology


  LIFHE Project Director